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    What we do

    Our office does one thing and one thing only: Help individuals achieve their American dreams. We can help you with:

    • Petitions for lawful permanent residence based on employment and family petitions
    • We defend you in removal proceedings, whether based on inadmissibility or deportability
    • Naturalization petitions, based on marriage to a United States citizen, five years of permanent residence, or derivative citizenship

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    About us

    Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has lived the American dream, and he brings this passion to his clients by providing unrivaled service. At Yakzan Law PLLC we do one thing, and one thing only, helping our clients with their immigration law needs. Our reach is international, but our service is local, call us with any immigration law question that you have.

    Whether it is a family petition, a investment visa, a work visa, or asylum claim, Yakzan Law PLLC helps you achieve your goals, with your status being of utmost concern. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has successfully represented clients before the United States Citizenship & immigration Service, the Executive Offices of Immigration Review, the State Department, and before federal courts. Don’t wait, call us and experience what service in the immigration industry really means.



    Our law office

    Our office specializes in one things, and one thing only: helping you attain your American Dream! We promise you:

    • We will always get back to you within 24 hours of contacting us
    • We will zealously represent your interests before the government to increase your chances of success
    • We will always be forthright and honest with you.



    Our Clients

    We represent clients from all over the world. Our clients include:

    • International companies expanding their operations into the United States
    • Individuals petitioning for relatives to join them in the United States
    • Individual investors from treaty countries investing their funds in the United States
    • Individuals accused of crimes and facing removal from the United States

    Call us today to experience unrivaled service in the immigration law field!