Are you Ready for the H1B Filing Season? Why Acting Fast Could Increase Your Chances of Getting an H1B Visa.

Are you ready for April 1, 2013? On that day, an immigrant hoping to acquire an H1B visa, will be able to apply for one of the 65,000 visas that will be available for fiscal year 2014. This year, with the recovering economy, moving fast might increase your chances of being one of the lucky few that will get one of these visas. If you are a holder of a Master’s degree, you will be able to apply for the 20,000 held specifically for applicants with these degrees, which are not counted towards the quota.


So what is an H1B visa? An H1B visa is a visa that allows an applicant, hoping to fill a “specialty occupation”,   to work in the United States. The visa is limited in duration and might lead to an application for permanent residence in the future. A “specialty occupation” is one that requires at least a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Applicants who do not hold a BA, could still qualify, if they have experience equivalent to that degree. There are also some minimum salary requirements that an employer must meet for its employee to  receive the visa.

If employers are worried about filing in time for their employees, the employer will be able to apply through premium processing. Premium processing will lead to the adjudication of the application within two weeks. There is an extra fee that the employer must pay for this service.

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