I am Blessed (Of Course It’s Because I am an Immigration Attorney)

Many people tell me that I could be making more money by practicing something other than immigration (right after I introduce myself that is). I usually have a nice smile on my face and I simply say that I am simply privileged because I am an immigration attorney.

I recently saw a friend of mine, who happens to be my former client, at the mosque. We recently won his case and he was beside himself with joy. He could not hold back his tears because he will be able to stay int he United States with his family. It just warmed my heart.

I know we are in the middle of a national debate regarding the President’s executive orders. I am a strong believer that the President is right. I always debate with people who are opposed to what the President has done. It is moments like these that make my response to these people even stronger. Of course I am blessed, and of course, it is because I am an immigration attorney.