The Long Road to the American Dream™: Getting permanent residence in immigration court

Receiving permanent residence can be long and difficult; winning permanent residence in immigration court could be extremely hard.

This week, a long hard fought battle ended for one of my clients. My client has been in the United States since 1989. He has worked very hard to live the American Dream™. He has raised three United States citizens to be successful. He had supported his longtime companion, who suffered from a plethora of ailments for a very long time. This week, I received his permanent residence card, and it was my honor to hand it to him.

My client was placed in removal proceedings after a minor traffic infraction. I became his attorney aftr he received a final removal order. I appealed the decision and I was able to remand the case to immigration court, where we renewed his application for relief. I was able to argue that he qualified for Cancellation of Removal, because of the hardship his qualifying relatives would suffer hardship if he were removed. The government did not oppose relief, because of the obvious hardship they’d have suffered.

I love hard cases like these. Please remember that results in your individual case might be different and this post should not be taken as a promise of a result in any future cases. Call us today if you are in removal proceedings.