Attorney Ahmad Yakzan Appointed as a Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Attorney for Illegal Reentry and Extradition

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan Appointed as a Criminal Justice ActAttorney Ahmad Yakzan was appointed to the Criminal Justice Act panel in the United States Middle District of Florida. Criminal Justice Act attorneys are appointed on cases which the Federal Public Defender cannot handle or in which it has a conflict. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan will be appointed on illegal reentry and extradition cases. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has limited his representation to use his expertise in the most effective way.

The Criminal Justice Act

The Criminal Justice Act, codified under 18 USC 3006A, is a program under which attorneys are appointed to help the Federal Defender’s Office. Attorneys are appointed by federal judges to serve as counsel on certain cases.

Attorneys must apply and must pass certain criteria to be appointed. Attorneys must have at least two years of experience and must be approved by all magistrate judges in the division. Attorneys are appointed to a three years term. The program is administered by the  Office of the Federal Defender. Attorneys must attend annual seminars. Appointed Attorneys work with the Federal Defenders to protect individual constitutional rights.

Illegal Reentry

Illegal reentry is a criminal charge under which persons who had been previously removed or excluded from the United States are charged. Any immigrant who has been removed and tries to reenter the United States at a place not designated by the US government could be charged with illegal reentry. Defendants may collaterally attack the prior removal order as invalid. For example, the defendant may raise due process and other challenges to the prior removal order. Once the prior removal order is invalidated, there will be no basis for the charge, and it could be dismissed.

Immigration Attorney Know Better

You should hire an immigration attorney to defend you against illegal reentry. Immigration attorneys like Ahmad Yakzan can help, or assist your criminal attorney, in defending the case. Immigration attorneys are specialized in immigration law and can inform your attorney regarding the immigration pitfalls in the case.