3 Things to Avoid at Your Non-immigrant Visa Interview


Attorney Ahmad Yakzan here. I am an immigration attorney with offices in the Tampa Bay area. I would like to advise you today on three things to avoid during your non-immigrant visa interview at the US consulate in your country.

  1. Avoid lying: I have represented many clients in misrepresentation cases. The scenario goes like this: the applicant lies to make himself look better. He comes to the United States. he is applying for a different visa classification, and he or she is caught in the lie. Now, the person will have to apply for a waiver and must meet a high burden to qualify for the benefit. So if you can, avoid lying at your interview, which is always good advice.
  2. Submit evidence that shows that you will return to your country. One of the things you have to show that you intend to return to your country after your temporary trip to the US. So submitting evidence of family ties, employment ties, and property ownership could go a long way to getting your application approved.
  3. Avoid being vague regarding your plans. Be as specific as you can during the interview. Have a written itinerary that you can submit to the consul.
    Also, have specific travel and return dates with copies of reservations. Lastly, have financial statements that will show that you have the ability to live in the United States without working.

Avoid these three things to increase your chances of success. If you have any questions, please comment or email me at intake@americandreamlawoffice.com.