Three Things To Do When Applying for an E-2 Visa

Three Things To Do When Applying for an E-2 Visa

The Trump Administration has been denying more and more E-2 visa applications. I have represented many E-2 applicants and I see many common mistakes. In this post I will share three of them.

Have Strong Source of Fund Documentation

This is one of the most common problems. I have to admit, having come from a foreign country, that such evidence is not easy to come by. After all, many countries do not have tax returns like we do in the United States. Use this list to help you have strong source of funds documentation:

  1. Have corporate filings ready. If you own a company and you received the majority of your income from it, be ready to submit balance sheets, income statements and such. It will also help to have them translated into dollars from local currency.
  2. Show how the money came from. Many clients ignore the fact that they used some of the cash they brought with them. Have a receipt showing that you withdrew the money.
  3. If someone gave you the money, have them write a letter. Beware however that you might to pay taxes on gifts.

Keep Your Receipts

I see so many clients ignore the cardinal rule of keeping their receipts. An E-2 visa must show that he/she has invested, or in the process of investing into their business. So showing the government that you have, or in the process of investing, is very important. if you have a car dealership, keep track of the vehicles that you buy. If you have opened a grocery store, keep inventory and copies of checks.

And yes, if you have hired an attorney like Ahmad Yakzan, keep your retainer and the payments you made. Yes!! They Count!!

Make Specific Plans

Remember, depending on the treaty to which you are subject, the duration of your initial visa may vary. E-2 visa holders have to renew their visas at least every 2 years. Having specific plans, if though they do not happen, would help in the initial application and beyond.

Think about it. Are you more likely to give your son $100 if he gave you a reason? Admit it!! You would if he was going to use it for something good.

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services adjudicators are humans after all. If you give them a great plan they will more likely give you a visa. If you show that you tried to follow these plans, they are more likely to renew and keep renewing your visa.

Applying for an E-2 visa is tricky. You need to have a competent immigration attorney to help you navigate the waters. The American Dream™ Law Office is your place for E-2 visa application in St. Pete, Tamp, and Temple Terrace. Call us today.