BREAKING: American Dream™ Law Office Beijing, China

BREAKING: American Dream<sup>®</sup> Law Office Beijing, ChinaThe American Dream™ Law Office PLLC is proud to announce the opening of its affiliate office in Beijing, China. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan visited Beijing last week. During the visit, he signed a contract establishing a relationship with the Beijing Tian Ji Law Firm.

The Tian Ji law firm is one of the leading Beijing, China law firms. The office is jointly owned by Attorney Julian Yang and Lianqing Wang. Mr. Yang is a well known international arbitrator and is active in the Beijing International Arbitration Center (BIAC).  Mr. Wang is active in his local Bar Association and is a well-known attorney in Beijing.

Through this partnership, the two firms will be able to serve their clients in the United States and China. The American Dream™ Law Office will be able to expand into the growing Chinese immigration market. The Tian Ji Law Firm would be able to use the American Dream™ Law Office’s resources in the United States.