E-2 Visa Win for Jordanian Investor and His Family

E-2 Visa Win for Jordanian Investor and His FamilyThe American Dream™ Law Office would like to share an E-2 Visa win for a Jordanian Investor and his family. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan is proud of this win because it involved a close family friend.

E-2 Visa Requirements

The E-2 visa allows investors from more than 40 countries to apply for a temporary stay in the United States through investment. There is another visa, the E-1, which allows international traders to remain in the United States. These visas are renewable in perpetuity if the treaty between the United States and the country of citizenship is in force.

An E-2 visa investor must invest in a company, the treaty enterprise, and must come to the United States to oversee operations. The company does not have to have an affiliate overseas, but an overseas affiliate may invest in the United States company. The investment must be substantial, meaning it should be enough to give the investor a chance at success. The investment must also be non-marginal, meaning that the investment must generate more money than necessary for his or her family to make a bare minimum living.

Family Members of E-2 Visa Holders

Family members of E-2 investors may apply for the same status. If the family member is in the United States, then they could file for the change of status using form I-539. Family members overseas may apply for the same status using form DS-160. Spouses and children under 21 may use the investor’s status to change their own.

Family members do not have to be from the same country of nationality as the investor. They may also qualify for employment authorization by filing form I-765.

The E visa is a great option for investors from more than 40 countries to plant their roots in the United States. The American Dream™ Law Office is your destination for E visa applications. Call us today to set up an appointment with Attorney Ahmad Yakzan.

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