What Does Trump’s Impeachment Mean for Immigration?

WHAT DOES TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT MEAN FOR IMMIGRATIONLast night, President Trump became the third President in our history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. Many have analyzed the political ramifications of such an event. In this post, I will analyze the consequences such impeachment will have on our immigration system.

I will start with what impeachment does not mean. Impeachment does not mean that the administration will suddenly stop its draconian policies of limiting immigration.

The administration will not suddenly realize that its policies are wrong. The administration will not suddenly stop separating children from their mothers. The administration will continue rasing obstacles on the road to legal administration.

What it does mean, however, is that impeachment is a repudiation of the administration’s immigration policy by the people’s House. Last night, many speakers during floor debate cited the Administration’s immigration policies as one of the reasons to impeach the President. The administration’s immigration policies flout norms and laws. Our immigration policies have been, for centuries, welcoming to immigrants. They have grown our society and have supported our economy. They have enriched us with great minds and innovations.

Immigration practitioners must continue to be vigilant. Our jobs continue to get harder every waking moment. We continue to face an emboldened Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

We must continue to advocate zealously for our clients whose years of life we can count on one hand.

We must keep raising our voices in opposition. We must continue to make more voting citizens, by helping immigrants naturalize. We must encourage everyone to vote because to do otherwise will lead to the demise of our democracy.

Impeachment happened. Now, we must remain vigilant.