We Now offer financing for Your legal and governement fees

We Now offer financing for Your legal and governement feesAt the American Dream™ Law Office, we understand that legal fees may be a major impediment towards your American Dream™. To help you achieve your American Dream™, we now offer to finance legal and government fees through a third party. The American Dream™ now comes with payments you can afford.

We have partnered up with ePay Management, one of the leading legal financing companies. The company offers financing options for loans as low as $1,000 up to $50,000 in legal fees. The company charges interest between 3.99% to 36.99% depending on credit scores.

The American Dream™ Law Office does not have an ownership interest in ePay Management. We pay 4.99% to the company for use of its platform, which we do not charge to the client. Regardless of the payment method, the American Dream™ Law Office charges the same legal fees to all our clients.

The applicant does not have to use loans processed through ePay Management to retain the American Dream™ Law Office. The applicant is also not under any obligation to use the funds towards legal and government fees. Our clients will get the same excellent representation regardless of the payment method.

The American Dream™ Law Office is also not responsible for the loan application, origination, structure, or collection, nor any other lender practices for any applicant. No attorney-client relations will be established until the initial retainer payment is made by the client to the American Dream™ Law Office. Our office will also not represent any clients in any collection actions initiated by any lenders.

The American Dream™ Law Office will not share your confidential information with any third parties without your written consent.

Please visit this link for full financing terms. Call us 24/7 to schedule a consultation or visit this link.