Three Questions to Ask when you google “Immigration lawyer Near Me”

My name is Ahmad Yakzan. I am an Attorney at the American Dream™ Law Office. One of the most popular searches on google for immigration lawyers is “immigration lawyer near me.” In this video, I am going to share three questions you should ask any immigration attorney with whom you meet. It is more than just googling “immigration lawyer near me.

First, did this Attorney go through the immigration process themselves?

I am not saying that the immigration attorney near you is not good because they have not gone through the process themselves. I am saying that an immigration attorney like myself, has an immigrant story to share. I have been in your shoes, and I understand what you are going through.

Second, does this Attorney practice immigration law, exclusively?

Just because an attorney does not solely practice immigration law does not mean that they are well-versed in immigration law. Having an attorney that is practicing immigration law exclusively means that an attorney understands the ins and outs of immigration law.

As USCIS spokeswoman Karen Kraushaar said: 

“Immigration law is a mystery and a mastery of obfuscation, and the lawyers who can figure it out are worth their weight in gold.”

I believe that immigration attorneys who practice immigration law exclusively are worth their weights in diamonds.

And third, has the “immigration attorney near you” done cases like yours before?

So just googling “immigration attorney near me” does not mean that the lawyer has had a case like yours before. 

Bar associations allow attorneys to inform clients about their past results, with the understanding that each case is different. However, the fact that an attorney has done and won a case like yours means that they have the experience to get a successful result with your case.

Remember that each case is different, and nothing in this video is a promise or a guarantee of any result in any kind of case.

I have been practicing immigration law exclusively since before I passed the bar. I started representing people with the supervision of an attorney since 2009. Trust be I know what you have gone through.

Simple googling “immigration attorney near me” does not mean that the immigration attorney is the best fit for you.

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