Apply for Naturalization for $2020 Not Including Filing Fees

I’m Ahmad Yakzan, the fearless leader of the American dream team™ at the American Dream™ Law Office, and today I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. Many of those who have dealt with me know that I don’t lower my prices or make special offers, but today that changes. I have an announcement that’s huge: starting today and going until the end of June, I will be doing naturalization cases for $2020.00. I’m doing this for one reason: so that you can vote in the 2020 election.

If you live in the jurisdiction of the Tampa USCIS office and you don’t have any criminal convictions, then I will handle your naturalization case from beginning to end. This means I will complete the 20-page form, prepare you for the interview, go with you to the interview, and make sure you walk out of there with everything in place. I want to make your dream come true. I want to make you a US citizen for $2020.00. Call 1-888-963-7326 to schedule a strategy session with me. Thank you.