Immigration & Customs Enforcement Orders of Supervision

I have represented several clients with orders of supervision issued by Immigration & Customs Enforcement. In this post I will explain orders of supervision and discuss possible forms of relief if you have one.

What is an Order of Supervision?

An order of supervision is a form of custody that immigration authorities use to ensure that you will timely depart the United States. You may get an order of supervision if you are under a final order of removal. You also get one which your immigration case is pending to ensure your appearance before immigration authorities.

I got an Order of Supervision, What Should I do Now?

The easy answer is to hire an experienced immigration attorney to help you. You can call us at [number] to discuss your options.

The most important thing to do is to report on time. Make sure that you do not miss any dates. Missing a reporting date might mean forfeiture of a bond if you have one, and the issuance of an administrative warrant for your arrest.

Should I ask for a Stay of Removal (I-246)?

A stay of removal could be requested, depending on the stage of removal. For example, there is an automatic stay of removal pending an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. You may also ask for a stay of removal if you file a Motion to Reopen your removal proceedings.

A stay of removal (I-246) is a form filed with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) to stop an immigrant’s removal from the United States. There is a $155 fee to file the form. There are several reasons to ask for a stay of removal. Strong family ties and medical issues should help obtaining this form of relief. Stays could be grated for up to one year. The application is filed with the local ICE office.

Can I Work if I have an Order of Supervision?

Yes. An immigrant under an order of supervision may file for an authorization for employment using form I-765. You should file this form with United States Citizenship & immigration Services, along with the applicable filing fee.

Having a removal order and an order of supervision does not mean that you will be removed from the United States immediately. Call your order of supervision attorney Ahmad Yakzan at [number] to schedule a consultation.