Biden’s “New Green Card” Rule

Since the election of President Biden and the new immigration rules that were adopted, we have been getting many calls regarding the “new green card rule”. However, the Biden administration has not established a new green card rule, but has, through executive orders, changed some old ruled established by the Trump administration.

What are some of Biden’s New Green Card Rules?

President Biden has signed many immigration executive orders that both changed immigration policy and established new ones. This week President Biden signed three executive orders to establish a task force to reunite children separated from their parents at the border. The executive orders also develop a strategy to address the influx of asylum seekers and to make changes to the immigration system. The last executive order put in force a review of all Trump-era rules that hinder legal immigration into the United States.

Does this mean that I can apply for a Green Card Under the New Rules?

I have heard of many immigration attorneys accepting retainers for the Biden new green card rules. We are not doing that at the American Dream™ Law Office for one reason: there are no new immigration rules that allow applicants to apply for permanent residence in the United States.

President Biden has introduced the Citizenship Act, which seeks to do away with many rules that stop immigrants from immigrating to the United States. One such rule is the 3- and 10-year bars to readmission because of illegal stay in the United States. Another proposed rule is the lifting of per-country limitations and recapturing the unused visas from prior years to increase immigration.

None of these changes establish a new green card rule. You should be wary of any attorney who tries to convince you that a new such rule has been established.

What should I do to keep up to date on Biden’s new green card rules?

Please keep watching for updates to our blog page to keep up to date on the new rules. You may also visit this link, which is our site dedicated to the new rules. You may also call us at


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