Immigration Services

Take the first step to becoming a US citizen with our help. Attorney Yakzan always says to his client, “Your Dream is My Dream.” Make American Dream™ Again is at the heart of our practice. It is not a political slogan or a swipe at any politician. This motto is what we believe in and what we practice every day.

At American Dream Law Office, PLLC, we encourage our clients to dream—from obtaining a green card to getting an investment visa and acquiring US citizenship.

Why America Needs to Dream Again

In our opinion, America has strayed away from its greatness. The US has dimmed the lights of the American experience in recent years by closing its doors to refugees and immigrants whose dream is to be in America, detaining innocence and dividing itself into them and us. We want to revive this brilliance once again.

How We Will Make American Dream™ Again

Our firm works on helping refugees and immigrants realize the American dream. We answer their calls, worry about them, cry and laugh with them. Then, we fight until reality sets in, and they are permanent residents and US citizens.