New Asylum Office to Open in Tampa, FL

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Services announced yesterday that it will open a new asylum office in Tampa, FL. The office will be temporarily housed at 5524 West Cypress Street, Suite B, Tampa, FL until the permanent office by the Florida Fairgrounds is finished. The new office will adjudicate cases filed by applicants from North and West Florida.

Why Open a New Asylum Office in Tampa, FL?

Florida has more than 25% of the pending asylum cases around the country. This number is expected to rise due to the political unrest in South America and population growth in Florida. The state currently has one asylum office in Miami, FL, which adjudicates cases filed in the state. The addition of the Tampa, FL immigration office is meant to alleviate the load of cases currently pending in Miami, and to expedite case adjudication.

What is asylum?

Asylum is the process under which an immigrant who fears returning to his or her country files for protection from persecution. The persecution must be related to a protected ground, namely political opinion, race, nationality, religion, or membership in a particular social group. Immigrants may also file for protection under the Torture Convention.

How to Apply for Asylum in Tampa, FL

Immigrants located in Tampa, FL who wish to file for asylum should call Attorney Ahmad Yakzan of the American Dream Law Office to file form I-589 on their behalf. Immigrant may file affirmatively, before being placed in removal proceedings, or defensively before the immigration judge.

Immigrants who file affirmative and whose applications do not get granted by USCIS, get referred to the immigration judge for a second look at their application.

Our new Tampa, FL office is located at 12108 N 56th St. Tampa, FL 33617. Call us 24/7 to schedule a strategy session with Attorney Ahmad Yakzan to discuss your case.