Asylum Win for a Muslim Student from China

Last week, Attorney Ahmad Yakzan of the American Dream Law Office successfully won an asylum claim for a Muslim student from China who was persecuted because of his religion.

The student came to the United States after he was persecuted by members of the local Chinese Communist Party. He was persecuted because of his religion since he was born. His family was forced to join the Community Party, after being placed in concentration camps. His family was not allowed to enter their new village because of their religion. His identity simply put him in harm’s way.

Our office prepared his application and filed it with the local asylum office in Tampa, Florida. We prepared a strong personal statement and a very strong closing statement arguing his eligibility. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan was praised for his closing statement and for his professionalism by the asylum officer. The officer praised the closing argument as one of the best he had ever read.

We are very happy for our client who gets to live in the United States safely after being tortured in his country. He gets to legally work in the United States and obtain permanent residence and eventual citizenship. Call us 24/7 at 1(888)963-7326 to schedule a strategy session with Attorney Ahmad Yakzan to discuss your asylum case.