E-2 Visa Win for Turkish Investor

Last week, Attorney Ahmad Yakzan of the American Dream Law Office successfully obtained an E-2 visa for an investor from Turkey. The E-2 visa classification allows investors from certain countries to obtain status in the United States through investment.

What is an E-2 Visa?

The E-2 visa classification allows nationals of countries with amity treaties with the United States to enter the United States to supervise their investment. The classification lasts as long as the treaty enterprise is operational. There is no minimum amount to invest in the United States. The amount depends on the business plan, which must show that the company would be successful.

Can Dependents Benefit from the E-2 Classification?

Yes, dependents of the main investor could enter the United States on the E-2 visa classification. If the dependents, spouses, and children under 21, are in the United States, they may change their status in the United States without leaving the country. Upon exiting the United States, the investor, along with his family members, must visit the United States consulate to obtain the necessary visa to reenter the United States. Dependents may also apply for employment authorization to work in the United States.

Can I Apply for an E-2 Visa in My Country?

Yes. The United States consulate in your country can process your EZ-2 visa, even though you are in your country.

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