Estefania Pirela Shares her American Dream™ Story with ABC Action News

While the public waited to hear whether the United States government would extend temporary protected status for Venezuelans in the U.S., ABC Action News reported on the success story of American Dream™ Law Office’s own Estefania Pirela and her mother. Estefania, who works as a paralegal at American Dream,™ fled Venezuela at the age of 15 with her mother.

Her mother’s active involvement in protests against the government put them in danger. Military officers showed up at their home and even Estefania’s school. “She was threatened,” Estefania reported to the news team.

Fortunately, her story has a happy ending. She and her mother are now both thriving as citizens in the U.S. But hundreds of thousands of others from Venezuela currently living under protected status are still waiting to make their dreams a reality.

ABC Action News Turns to Ahmad Yakzan for his Expertise

The ABC Action News team asked Ahmad Yakzan for his perspective as an immigration attorney with considerable experience assisting Venezuelan nationals. “It’s a police state,” he explained. “They come and get you.” He further described the dangers of the paramilitary troops armed by Chavez over the past two decades.

Ahmad, Estefania, and the rest of the team at the American Dream™ Law Office are excited to be able to assist Venezuelans as they work toward their immigration goals and move to a stable and successful life. The government’s recent announcement of the extension of temporary protected status will enable American Dream to help many more clients from Venezuela.

Protected Status for Venezuelans

Temporary protected status (TPS) gives Venezuelans in the U.S. protection from removal and allows them to obtain employment authorization. Once an individual has been granted TPS, the Department of Homeland Security cannot detain them based on their immigration status. While TPS status does not provide immigration status, those with TPS are permitted to apply for immigration benefits and seek an adjustment of status based on an immigrant petition.

It is important to note that individuals from a country like Venezuela that is designated for TPS status do not gain protected status automatically. They must meet eligibility requirements, file the appropriate forms and supporting documentation before the deadline, supply biometric information, and receive approval from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

American Dream™ Law Office Assist Venezuelans Gain TPS

The process of applying for temporary protected status, seeking employment authorization, or keeping registration of status up to date can be confusing and challenging. Mistakes could lead to denials and can give immigration authorities an unfavorable impression that prejudices future immigration efforts. 

The immigration team at American Dream™ Law Office helps Venezuelans and others from countries designated for TPS demonstrate their eligibility and complete requirements so that they can live and work in the U.S. To learn more about how our immigration attorneys could help you reach your goals, contact us today.