Need Help Applying for Citizenship? We Can Help.

Raising your hand to take the oath of allegiance to the United States is a moment you will never forget. At American Dream™ Law Office, we each have our own unique immigration stories, but we all share the same desire to help our clients achieve their dreams.

We want to help you become an American citizen. It would be our privilege to guide you through the application process and prepare you to meet the challenges so you can experience the pride of citizenship.

Working Around Potential Roadblocks

Many immigrants who want to apply for citizenship are worried about flaws in their records. Others aren’t worried but should be. Even if your record is perfect, if you word something in a way that makes it appear as though you have submitted fraudulent information, you can permanently jeopardize your potential for citizenship.

An experienced immigration lawyer can review your situation and present materials in a way that best demonstrates your eligibility. If you have things on your record that could contradict a finding of good moral character or if your record does not demonstrate compliance with residency and presence requirements, for instance, your attorney will know how to explain the situation.

You will need extra assistance if you have:

  • Criminal history
  • Delinquent child support
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Failure to register with Selective Services
  • Frequent or lengthy travel outside the U.S.
  • Been sued in civil court
  • Potential immigration violations

Your attorney can handle the process if you need to apply for any type of waiver. Guidance from an experienced advisor makes the process much less stressful and reduces the potential for mistakes that could result in a delay or denial.

Complicated Application Process

On the website for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency talks about the “10 steps” to citizenship. That sounds pretty reasonable until you consider the complex tasks you often need to undertake at each step. The basic naturalization application Form N-400, for example, is 20 pages long. Besides filling out this form properly and completely, you need to include the right supporting documentation.

You may need to attend a biometrics appointment. But the part of the process that worries applicants the most is the interview, which serves as a test to ensure you qualify for citizenship. Tests make most people nervous, and when there’s this much at stake, applicants get so concerned that worry alone can make them forget answers they know by heart.

American Dream™ Law Office can work with you to prepare you for the interview and test questions. We will help you get comfortable and know what to expect so you can do your best. If you qualify to take a shorter test or have special accommodations, we will ensure you receive the treatment you deserve.

The Dedicated Team at American Dream™ Law Office is Ready to Help

Regardless of the challenges you face, we make it our mission to help you succeed in becoming a citizen. To schedule a strategy session with an experienced immigration lawyer at American Dream™ Law Office, contact us today.