United States – E2 Visa

An E-2 treaty investor visa offers one of the easiest ways to come to the United States as an investor. The investment required is far less than the amount needed for an EB-5 visa.

However, it can be very challenging to put together an appropriate application package that satisfies immigration officials. At American Dream™ Law Office, we understand how to meet the requirements and ensure that your application materials showcase your enterprise in the best possible light.

No Official Minimum Investment

For an EB-5 visa, an investor must be prepared to front $800,000 at a minimum. The requirements for an E2 visa, on the other hand, do not list a specific minimum. We have helped clients investing as little as $25,000 to put their business together.

What the law requires is a “substantial” amount of capital. To determine whether your investment is substantial, they look at the investment in relation to the cost of buying an existing business or establishing a new one. They want to see an investment that proves your financial commitment to the success of the business. They also want to see you demonstrate  a commitment to personally develop and operate the business. The lower the overall value, the greater ownership percentage they will want to see from an applicant. We know how to prepare application materials to demonstrate a substantial investment to meet the requirements.

Bona Fide Enterprises

In addition to showing that your investment meets the threshold as substantial, you will also need to show that your business enterprise is “bona fide” and not “marginal.” To be bona fide, you must prove that your business:

  • Is real, active, and operating
  • Produces services or goods
  • Generates a profit
  • Meets legal requirements for doing business in the jurisdiction

In addition, the enterprise cannot be classified as “marginal.” That means it must have the capacity to generate more than enough revenue to provide a living for you and your family. That capacity can be future capacity, but you should expect to show a sufficient income within five years. We can prepare the paperwork to show the right projections for your business to satisfy requirements.

Basic Information About the E2 Visa

E2 visas are available to investors located in or outside the U.S. However, the process of applying will differ somewhat depending on your location, so it is important to check with your immigration attorney before starting the process.

An E2 visa applicant can also apply for derivative visas for their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. Additionally, certain employees of the investor and their families may also obtainE2 visas.

Both the investor and any employees must be from a country that currently belongs to a commerce treaty with the U.S. The U.S. State Department maintains a list of treaty countries.

The E2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa good for no more than two years. However, it is possible to get an unlimited number of extensions to this visa, so it can provide a chance to work in the U.S. indefinitely.

American Dream™ Law Office Helps Investors Get a E2 Visas

At American Dream™ Law Office, we understand your journey. We want to help you succeed with your goals and we have the knowledge and experience to put you on the best path to success. Contact us today to learn more about how we could help you get your visa.