Biden’s Pardon Could Help Thousands of Immigrants

In October, President Biden pardoned all defendants convicted of possession of marijuana in the federal court system. This decision will alleviate a lot of pain for thousands of individuals, including thousands of immigrants.

These immigrants may not have been eligible for immigration relief before the pardon but may find many benefits in the immigration court system after the pardon. 

Marijuana possession could lead to many immigration consequences. It could cause deportation under the controlled substance ground of deportability. There is an exception for possession of fewer than 30 grams of marijuana or less for personal use.

A conviction for possession of marijuana could also make noncitizens inadmissible since it also counts as a ground for inadmissibility. So, a non-US citizen could be inadmissible if he leaves the country and tries to reenter. 

Marijuana possession could also lead to the denial of benefit applications like adjustment of status or naturalization. Since marijuana possession makes you inadmissible, you will be ineligible for the benefit, without a waiver. Applications for naturalization may also be denied if the possession conviction was within the period of Good Moral Character necessary for naturalization. 

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