What Kind of Evidence Should I Include in My I-485 Application?

Filing an I-485 Adjustment of Status application is a big step. Approval makes you a lawful permanent resident with a green card. So when you submit this application, you want to make sure you do it in the way that gives you the best possible chance of success.

People often ask me what evidence they should include with the application. And honestly, my answer doesn’t work well as a blog post because the evidence you should submit depends entirely on the circumstances of your case. 

There have been some famous immigration cases where they’ve listed all the things you should include with an application, but even those long lists don’t cover everything that could be helpful in a particular case. It isn’t always easy to know when an immigration official is going to say “that’s not enough evidence to prove that you’ve met the requirements.” But you want to make the best case you can right from the start.

Include Evidence with Both Names if You’re Filing a Marriage-Based Application

One set of evidence that can help demonstrate that a marriage is valid when you’re filing an application based on a marriage relationship is any type of document with the names of both spouses. This includes:

  • Bank account statements
  • Health insurance documents
  • Car insurance policies
  • Tax returns
  • Car titles
  • Leases or mortgage documents
  • Credit card bills

If you have children together and have evidence of maternity and paternity (such as both names on a birth certificate) those documents are helpful as well. When you come to the interview pushing a stroller or with one spouse visibly pregnant, that also provides convincing evidence that a marriage is genuine.

Other Information to Have Ready with Your Application

Your attorney can advise you about the exact information to collect and submit with your application. Some general documentation to have ready could would be:

  • Immigration information such as your passport, I-94 arrival and departure record, the receipt number of an I-130 petition if you have one, and an alien registration number if you have one
  • Address history for the previous five years. If you have documents such as bills to support your address history, those documents could be helpful
  • Employment history for the previous five years, including names of supervisors, addresses, and contact information
  • Names and information about any organizations you’ve belonged to or been involved with, such as a church
  • Information about prior marriages, if any.

Remember that if you submit any documents totally or completely written in a foreign language, you must also include a certified English translation. The translator may be a member of your family, but they must certify that they are qualified to translate the information and they must certify that the document is complete and accurate.

Contact an Immigration Attorney to Prepare the Best I-485 Application

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