Will you be handling my case personally?


Ahmad Yakzan:
Will you be handling my case personally? Of course, I will be handling your case personally. I’m the only attorney at the American Dream Law Office. I am not a big law office, so I get to see every single file in my office. I do have assistance, and every single case before it leaves my office has to be looked over by me. And every single case that goes off of my desk gets reviewed personally by me.
I say that I will personally work on your case. But even sent, I need some helpers. So I do have some legal assistance that will help me through the way, put together the packets and everything. But all of the legal information and all of the legal arguments that I get to make are actually made by me.
We also limit the amount of cases that we take because I want to give you as much personal attention as we can. So we are not like other attorneys that take everything under the sun. We are actually very selective in the cases that we take. So I promise you this: I will be your best advocate in your American Dream journey. I promise you this. I will be the best advocate for you in your American Dream journey, if you pick the American Dream Law Office for your immigration law services.

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That’s great.