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My Panel Discussion at AILA CFC’s Annual Conference and Why it is VERY IMPORTANT for You to Hire an ETHICAL ATTORNEY

I had the pleasure of speaking before AILA Central Florida Chapter’s 28th Annual Conference this past weekend. It was my first such engagement before the group and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I had the pleasure of meeting immigration superstars like Mary Kramer and Ira Kurzban, who are considered two of the best immigration attorneys in the country.

The main issue discussed during my panel discussion was the unique ethical issues immigration lawyers face because of the special circumstances with which they deal. I discussed the problems of confidentiality and communication, which sometimes complicate the immigration attorney’s task. Immigration attorneys face unique problems because most of their clients do not usually speak English and face other cultural circumstances that may make complicate the representation.

It is very important to choose an ethical attorney with an excellent reputation when hiring an immigration attorney. An ethical attorney with an excellent reputation among adjudications officers will facilitate your case, because the government trusts your attorney.

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