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On 9/11/13 and My Visit to Stetson University

Yesterday was one of the best days. I got to go back to Stetson University and visit my family in Deland. I was truly humbled by the love I was shown. I truly felt back at home. 
I participated in a morning vigil to commemorate the occasion. In my remarks I revisited that gruesome day on 2001. I remembered how, despite the racism I experienced in other institutions, my Stetson family for together and made sure that I will be OK. I was the only Arab international student at Stetson at the time. 
I also participated in a panel discussion regarding the tragedy. The main subject was the link between terrorism, civil liberties, and what is currently happening in Syria. The debate highlighted the clash between some factions of Sunni and Shiite Islam and it is impacting the situation in Syria. 
One thing became apparent after yesterday. We need to educate about the true message of Islam and move towards an understanding between religions. I am very blessed to be an attorney at one of the most diverse law firms in the Tampa Bay area. 
Go Hatters!!!