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Client Testimonials

“Mr. Yakzan showed me his professionalism from the start and also told me the choices and the hurdles I had ahead but his knowledge of the immigration law i was and is more than what I was expecting.

I’ve been in this wonderful land of dreams and opportunities for many years and thought I was safe for many reasons but I broke the law and my dreams were fading away very quickly.

After talking and meeting with Mr. Yakzan, he gave me back some faith and after applying for an adjustment of status and being approved for a work permit I was back on the happy trail. Soon after that, I received a letter for my immigration interview and if it wasn’t for all the help, assistance, and true knowledge of the law from Mr. Yakzan and his team, I would have never had my green card approved inside the USA. Mr. Yakzan and his team are amazing and I thank all of them for all their hard work and persistence but I will be forever grateful to Mr. Yakzan! Thank you so much for everything you did for me Mr. Yakzan and you proved to me that you are not only a great man but a top attorney and wish you much success and all my best!!!
With much respect and admiration! Always!!!”

“Mr. Ahmad Yakzan provided a level of expert professional service that was exceptional in every way. I was on the other side of the world, which presented an additional layer of challenges in terms of processing my spouse’s visa. Mr. Yakzan was always able to find times between time zones to speak when needed. While the process is time-consuming, it would have been overwhelming without the expertise of Mr. Yakzan.”

“My dad has been in the immigration for more than 29 years and Every lawyer we spoke to before Ahamd told him not mess with his case. Ahmad was able to find out they were all wrong. He reopened my dad’s case and today my father became a permanent resident. I highly recommend this amazing lawyer!!”
A Satisfied Client

“Previous to employing Atty Yakzan, I consulted and hired two other atty’s who promised the sun moon and stars with their inflated skill sets. I fired one and the other had my case looped in the court for a year and a half doing nothing but wasting my time and money.

When I consulted with Atty Yakzan he took the time to listen to me and comprehend my needs. He shot straight with me and promised no outcomes. What he did do was tell me the exact steps he would take to move my case forward. He 100 percent followed through with everything he said he would do.

I was fully at ease with his knowledge of law and he never gave me any reasons to doubt him with his words and actions. I say this because he is the first and only of several attorneys I’ve worked with whom I felt was on my side and working for me, not just his paycheck.

I have full confidence in his work and cannot recommend him highly enough. He is worth every penny. (And I am scorned and bitter with our judicial system’s legal extortion)

If you need a heartfelt immigration attorney who does his homework and takes pride in his work ethic and service, this is your guy.

Hindsight being 20/20, had I met him first I would have saved thousands of dollars, 2 years of my life and a whole lot of psychological distress.”

“I hired Mr. Yakzan to assist us with obtaining a green card for my spouse, who is from the UK. He was extremely knowledgeable about the process and answered all of our questions thoroughly. His costs were reasonable, and we ended up getting everything done much faster than we had anticipated!”
Jaimee C.

“Thank you Mr. Yakzan so very much for all your hard work and dedication to my case. Not many lawyers can pull this off. I really enjoyed the many discussions we had whether it was by phone or at your office to make my case as strong as it was.

I strongly recommend Mr. Yakzan to lead you towards success like he did with me. If he was able to get me this highest and toughest immigration status he could easily do anything else.

Merci Beaucoup Sir.”

“Yakzan fights your fight, battle your battle, he can’t guarantee but always reaches your goal and accomplish it perfectly.”

“I had a great experience with this Attorney, he always took my case personally and given the right advice. He is best when it comes to Immigration.”

“First, I want to begin explaining that our process wasn’t a regular one, we knew before hiring Mr. Yakzan that it could be complicated and he couldn’t guarantee any results for us. Anyways he did his best and everything was so easy and fast (having on mind that immigration processes in USA can take lot of time). I contacted Yakzan by phone after doing a very serious research on the web and asking in several law offices in Tampa Bay area, the reviews were excellent and so were the results of the case. After having a short conversation on the phone with him, me and my husband set up an appointment to bring all the paperwork Mr. Yakzan asked us for, after that we only met once again before the big day! Therefore he was available all the time to answer all the questions we had. He is such a terrific professional, even when my English is not perfect We didn’t have any problem of miscommunication or anything like that.

We think that Ahmad Yakzan is a person fully dedicated to his career and his clients, he is kind, trustworthy, efficient and understanding. He will never judge us regardless our past or condition, he was always so respectful. For sure out there are several attorneys that can charge less (which I think Yakzan is very affordable) but nothing compares to being sure that you have the best fighting for your rights! and I’m ashamed of what I’m about to say but, as normal I got desperate in the middle of the process, why? Because is not easy at all going through something like it, a few times I got upset with Mr. Yakzan for things that he (or any other lawyer) can NOT control, but he wouldn’t have any problem explaining everything I needed and handling my bad temper as the professional he is. At this point I don’t know where I’d be if I wouldn’t hire him and I can ensure you if you do your own research out there you’ll end up taking the best decision that is hiring Yakzan.”
Ana Maria & Justin

“Let me start by saying that meeting Mr. Ahmad Mohamed yakzan for the first time gives you that impression of someone who is truly in the business to help immigrants.

Hiring Attorney Ahmad Mohamed yakzan Was One of My Best Decisions Ever.”

“My fiancé and I recently met with Mr. Yakzan to discuss our immigration case that involves a removal order. Mr Yakzan was extremely informative and genuinely interested in keeping our family together (we also have a young daughter). Although we are not able to persue a resolution to our case at this time because of financial reasons, we look forward to working with him in the future.”

“Professional, honest and straight forward. Was a great help with my case and was well informed through the whole process. Look no further for he is your guy.”

“After more than six years of separation and two cycles of immigration applications, my husband and I will be reunited in the U.S. Just in time for our 7th wedding anniversary. I was desperate when Mr. Yakzan was assigned to my case in 2011. (He was working for a previous law firm – we stayed with him each time he moved.) My husband had been denied entry in 2009 and been placed under the 10-year ban after we returned from our honeymoon to his home country. Despite my husband having overstayed, my previous attorney told us he could travel and return and then compounded that error by submitting a weak, unsubstantiated I-601 Application for Waiver of Inadmissibility that was denied. From the beginning, Mr. Yakzan has been empathetic to our situation. He listened and clearly felt our pain.

He impressed me from the outset with not only his knowledge of immigration law and current government immigration activity, but also his willingness to research cases and network with other attorneys to find the best solution. When our appeal of the original I-601 was denied, I was distraught and asked him what could be done. I remember his reply: “We can start over and do it right.” I trusted Mr. Yakzan to “do it right”, so I decided to try again. I knew the visa application would be denied and this would all come down to the I-601.

In preparation, Mr. Yakzan asked me a lot of questions to find every possible angle to argue for proof of my hardship and wrote a very comprehensive brief. I am forever thankful to Mr. Yakzan for being so patient, such a good listener, and a methodical problem-solver. He has not been just our attorney, he has been a companion on the road, keeping me calm and steadily moving forward whenever I panicked and thought everything was about to plunge over the edge.”

“Every single step of my journey, from leaving my home country to me being allowed to stay here in the U.S, has gone exactly as Mr Yakzan said it would. He advised and guided me every step of the way, and thanks to his highly professional help, i am able to have a life here, with my wife and child. I would highly recommend Mr Yakzan to anyone considering moving to the U.S.”
Michael H.

“I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with Ahmad was. He works very hard to make sure you have winning results. I could not have asked for better service. From the moment I first meet him, I was at ease that I had made the right choice.”
Nick G.

“I had a very complicated and sensitive case with immigration regarding my green card- not a usual situation . I was hopeless when I meet attorney Ahmad for the first time to discuss my case and I was about to leave the country. He was clear about my situation and told me exactly what is going to happen and it was true, no lie, no tweaks or misleading. He is very professional, he worked with me closely and considers every detail in my situation and used it toward my case. I really appreciate that our communication was direct; he provided me with his cell phone and answers my calls every time to discuss information. The fee was reasonable compare to other attorneys for such cases. I highly recommend attorney Ahmad for immigration purposes, especially if you have unusual and complicated case. Oh YES, I received my permanent green card, Thank you Ahmad for the hard work.”
A Satisfied Client

“i have worked with attorney ahmad yakzan and he is really the best lawyer ever , i was about to get deported but if it wasnt for lawyer ahmad yakzan i would have been send back to my country without any question asked.”

“I just had to say a couple of simple words about Mr. Yakzan. Mr. Yakzan he is one in a million. He is the most knowledge, professional, honest and straight up forward lawyer I have ever met in the USA. He provide you with the peace of mind toward your case and he will also go out of his way to provide you with the best. I highly recommend any immigrant in and out side the USA. Contact Mr. Yakzan and you won’t regret it. Thank You Mr. Yakzan for all the professionalism service you have provided me and my family.”
A Satisfied Client

“I hired ahmad for an immigration case and he was great he always respondent to me and my email I recommend him.”

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