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Do I need a lawyer to file my immigration petition?

  • By: Ahmad Yakzan
  • Published: May 21, 2020

You absolutely need an attorney to file any petition before the government. An attorney protects your rights and makes sure that you are treated fairly by any government employee who will adjudicate your petition.

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has several years of experience defending clients’ rights before the government. He has appealed several unjust decisions by offices around the United States and has even sued the government in federal court to overturn such decisions. Beware of notary publics or any non-attorney services who promise you results they simply cannot meet.

Any attorney who is a member of the bar has studied the law and has gained valuable experience defending clients against government abuse. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has several years of experience doing that and only that. Call us to experience what an experienced immigration attorney can do for you.

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