H-4 Visa

Type H visas allow spouses and dependents of visa holders to apply for their visas. Most immigration attorneys will recommend having the entire family apply for visas simultaneously to improve the chances of approval.

If you’d like to apply for an H-4 visa, American Dream Law Office can help. But first, let’s look at the main eligibility factors, the interview process, and how to get a work authorization with an H-4 visa.

How Do I Know Whether I’m Eligible?

To meet eligibility requirements for an H-4 visa in the United States, you must be the spouse or dependent of someone who already has an H-type visa or has applied for one. Dependent children must be younger than 21 and unmarried to be eligible.

All H-type visas work for eligibility, whether it’s an H-1B visa for a specialty job, an H-2A or H-2B for temporary employment, or an H-3 visa for someone coming to the country for specialized training or education.

H-4 Visa Factors

H-4 status links to the visa of the family’s main worker. For instance, if the main worker receives an extension on their visa, all spousal and dependent visas should be extended for the same duration.

H-4 Visa Interviews

All applicants will need to submit to an interview for approval. Questions will cover topics like immigration status and marital status. Immigration authorities tend to focus quite heavily on instances of fraud, so honesty is paramount here.

Be sure to bring and provide all relevant documents, such as your marriage license and certificate. Also, bring items that would prove the validity of your relationships, such as wedding and family photos.

Can I Get a Work Authorization With an H-4 Visa?

Only certain eligible spouses can put in applications for employment authorization. In cases where the spouse is dependent and their partner already has an H-1B visa, these spouses may qualify for work authorization.

Since every case and situation is unique, it’s crucial that anyone looking to apply for an H-4 visa or work authorization contact an experienced immigration attorney. Failure to do so could result in unnecessary delays.

An immigration lawyer will be able to help with collecting evidence, building the case, and even applying for the relevant visas and authorizations, lightening the burden for you along the way.

American Dream Law Office Is Here to Help

With an H-4 visa, families have a viable opportunity to live together while a visa holder works here in the country. Many families use the H-4 visa as a stepping stone toward permanent immigration, so these families must have all the legal help they need to guide their cases toward a successful and happy conclusion.

In operation since 2015, the American Dream Law Office is here to guide families through the immigration process. Our experienced, skilled, and compassionate immigration attorneys can help clients with an H-4 visa application, work authorization, and much more. Give American Dream Law Office in Temple Terrace, FL, a call at (888) 963-7326 and get started today.

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