If My Work Or Business Visa Is Denied Can I Appeal Or Do I Re-Apply?

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Appealing or re-applying really depends on your current status. For example, if you came here on a B1 visa and you applied for an E visa within a couple of weeks of coming to the United States and you pay for premium processing, theoretically you can get the E visa decision within the first 6 months or so.

So, if you are in status, you can re-apply. But if you are not in status, it will depend on your visa petition. If you are not in status and the Administrative Appeals Office approves your appeal and reverses the District Director’s decision, you will revert back to the same status you were requesting on the date of your application.

If your appeal is denied, you will technically be out of status for the entire amount of time between your appeal and the time the Appeals Office issues the denial. In order to remain within status, we usually ask for an extension of status so that the stay is valid throughout the appeal process.

Can I Apply For Citizenship While On A Visa?

No. There are people who have come to the United States on a visa, but they had derived citizenship from a parent.

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