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At the American Dream™ Law Office, we understand that that the American Dream™ is unattainable for some. The fact remains that some clients could not afford to hire an attorney to represent them in their path to the American Dream™.

Today, we are launching a new service called Immigrate Your Way Immigration Forms Review Service.

Description of Immigrate your way forms review service:

Immigrate Your Way Immigration Forms Review Service is limited to one hour for a fee of $500. The service is limited to reviewing forms already prepared by the client for naturalization, permanent residence, or affidavits of support.

The immigration forms review service is a limited form of representation that does not go beyond the 1 hour session. It means that the American Dream™ Law Office will not submit the forms to immigration authorities. The firm will also not be responsible for submission or rejection of the forms by the applicable immigration service. Additionally, the American Dream™ Law Office will not be listed as the preparer of the  forms.

Ineligibility for Immigrate Your Way Immigration Forms Review Service:

Not everyone is eligible for the Service. The American Dream™ Law Office reserves the right to deny service to anyone who does not meet the criteria. This service is inapplicable to persons with disqualifying  criteria.

For example, a potential applicant with a criminal background who is ineligible to apply for permanent residence or naturalization can not take advantage of the immigration forms review service.  These individuals should take schedule a strategy session to meet with Attorney Ahmad Yakzan to discuss our full immigration services.

please fill out this eligibility form to take advantage of our immigration review service

Please contact us at 1(888) 963-7326 if you have any questions regarding this service.