Growing up we all looked up to someone (besides our parents, of course). There was a special athlete, musician, dancer, singer, a business professional, or someone else that influenced us in ways we cannot explain. It doesn’t matter the profession...

These people captured our attention, and they were special. Every time they spoke, performed, or were in town we paid close attention. In a way, we were obsessed with them. Elvis Pressley, Michael Jordan, Tony Robbins, Conor McGregor, Muhammad Ali, and more...

These people are special... and special people always travel the world to show their talents. These talented professionals can’t just travel to foreign land whenever they want though. There are legal
terms that must be taken care of beforehand.

What is an O Visa and who is it for?

O non-immigrant visas are for foreign nationals with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, academics, or athletics who have sustained national or international acclaim. In the case of motion
picture and television productions, the foreign national must have been recognized in the field through extensive documentation.

O-2 visas are for support staff of such immigrants, or if the person is an integral part of the performance, or has critical skills for the actual performance. Spouses may accompany under O-3 visas.

How do I qualify for an O Visa?

If you plan on applying for an O Visa you must qualify for at least 3 of the following requirements:

1. Have received national or international awards/prizes of excellence in your field.
2. Being a member of associations, whose membership requires outstanding achievement, judged
by nationally or internationally recognized experts in the respective discipline.
3. Your work has been featured in professional or high-profile trade publications or mainstream
4. You have served in some capacity as a judge of others in the same (or closely related) field. This
could either be individual or as part of a judging panel.
5. Have had articles published in professional or notable trade publications.
6. Have made original scientific, academic, or business contributions of major significance in
respective field.
7. Have served in a leading or critical capacity for highly regarded organizations or establishments.
8. Command a high salary or remuneration for your services.
9. Other relevant evidence of exceptional expertise that does not fit any of the above criteria.

How long does my O Visa last?

Your O Visa can last up to three years. However, you may be able to extend your O Visa for an additional year if need be.

How do I file for an O Visa/what forms do I need to prepare?

How to file for O Visa:

• Read the instructions for Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker
• Complete and sign Form I-129
• Pay the filing fee, if applicable
• Provide all required evidence and supporting documentation

After you file for O Visa:

• You’ll receive receipt notice confirming we received your petition
• Biometric services notice (if applicable)
• Notice to appear for an interview (if required)
• Notice of our decision

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