P Visas

We’ve all either been to live concerts or at the very least seen them on the TV. What’s your favorite game/concert you’ve ever been to in person?

The truth is performers visit foreign countries all the time for work since they usually have an international audience (well, if they’re really good then they do at least). And sometimes they get
offered a job opportunity in a foreign country and it’s an opportunity they cannot refuse.

Think of some of your favorite athletes who moved to America because they had the best opportunity for success here. Luka Doncic, Dirk Nowitzki, Alexander Ovechkin, Roger Federer, maybe someone else? Chances are they all had to obtain a P Visa once in their lifetime. Let’s dive in.

What’s a P Visa and who’s it for?

P non-immigrant visas are for artists, entertainers who individually or as part of a group come to the United States for performances. The foreign national may also come to the United States through an exchange program between the United States and an organization.

P Visa is a short-term U.S work Visa usually for the entertainment industry (sports athletes, musicians,
circuses and more) with a job offer from a U.S. employer.

What are the benefits of the P Visa?

  • The P visa holder can work legally in the U.S. for the P visa sponsor. If, however, the person wants to change jobs, getting a new visa will be necessary.
  • P visas can be issued relatively quickly.
  • P visas will be granted for the length of time needed to complete a particular event, tour, or season, up to a maximum of one year. However, P-1 athletes may be admitted for a period of up to five years with one extension of up to five years.
  • P visa holders may also be allowed some extra time for vacation, as well as for promotional appearances and stopovers incidental and/or related to the event.
  • A P visa holder may travel in and out of the U.S. or stay continuously for as long as the P visa stamp and status are valid.
  • A spouse and unmarried children under age 21 may receive P-4 visas to accompany the main P visa holder, but they may not accept employment in the United States.

Do I qualify for a P Visa?

P-1 visas are available to athletes or teams that are internationally recognized. Entertainment companies that have been nationally recognized as outstanding for a long time also qualify. P-1 visas can be serviced based on the notoriety and professionalism of a group.
In the case of an entertainment company, each performer who wishes to qualify for a P-1 visa must have:

  • Been an important part of the group for at least one year
  • This requirement may be waived in certain situations, where due to illness or other unanticipated circumstances, a critical performer is unable to travel.
  • The one-year requirement is for performers only. It does not apply to other staff members. It
    also does not apply to anyone at all who works for a circus, including performers.

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