Removal Proceedings Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing deportation proceedings, you need to understand all your options for defense and how to take advantage of the right opportunities. Working with an immigration lawyer experienced in removal proceedings not only gives you access to all the information you need but also gives you an advocate you can turn to for advice and who will make the best case on your behalf with immigration authorities.  

At American Dream™ Law Office, we understand the challenges you are facing and we are ready to help. The sooner you get started addressing the issues with a dedicated removal proceedings lawyer, the more choices you have for fighting deportations.

If You Are in Detention

Immigration authorities may initiate removal proceedings for a variety of reasons and they hit people in all walks of life. Some may have just entered the U.S. while others facing deportation are lawful permanent residents who have lived and worked in the U.S. for a significant amount of time. The one factor that everyone in removal shares is the right to defend against unfair removal.

If you have been detained, we can work to obtain an Immigration Bond so that you can be with your loved ones. In some cases, a bond can be negotiated quickly after detention without the need for a hearing, so it is best to contact an experienced removal proceedings lawyer quickly. Whether negotiating with a Deportation Officer or seeking a bond from an Immigration judge, an experienced attorney can persuasively demonstrate why your ties to the community make you a good candidate for release on reasonable bond.

Relief from Removal

A removal proceedings lawyer can use a variety of methods to show why removal is not warranted or to demonstrate why you should be granted relief from removal. Options available for removal defense vary according to your unique circumstances. However, some strategies we successfully use for clients include:

  • Requesting asylum
  • Seeking adjustment of status
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Requesting a visa for unique circumstances such as crime victimization
  • Waivers of inadmissibility or other issues

In many situations, immigration judges have considerable discretion when deciding whether to grant relief in removal proceedings. When your attorney has the chance to work with you for enough time to understand your connections to the community, the situation in your home country, and other factors affecting your immigration status, your lawyer has more opportunities to find avenues for relief. Your attorney will also be better prepared to advocate effectively on your behalf when they are thoroughly familiar with your situation.

Removal Proceedings

Generally, the removal process begins when you receive a Notice to Appear with a hearing date. It is vitally important to attend this hearing and all other dates assigned by the court. Failure to follow instructions will not only damage your opportunities to fight deportation now but could also be held against you in the future.

The next step is usually a Master Calendar hearing. While this is a short proceeding, it is important because this is the point at which you should present any applications for relief from removal. At the Master Hearing, the court will determine how the matter will proceed going forward. After that you will be summoned to a hearing where the court will decide the merits of your case.

Work with an Experienced Removal Lawyer

Immigration judges are not mean, but they are overworked. To succeed with immigration defense, you need to make your case succinctly and persuasively. That requires a thorough knowledge of applicable laws and policies, as well as procedures in removal hearings.

At American Dream™ Law Office, we have dedicated our lives to helping immigrants achieve their goals. Contact us today to find out how a skilled removal lawyer could help you or a loved one fight deportation and remain in the U.S.

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