What Does An Employee-Based Green Card Offer? How Does It Differ From A Visa?

An employee-based green card differs from a visa because it’s a permanent right. A green card is considered a permanent residence, which can act as the bridge between residency and citizenship. After 5 years of residence, one can apply to become a United States citizen. With a green card, you have almost all of the same rights as a citizen, except the right to vote. Most non-immigrant visas are limited to a certain time, while a permanent green card is good for 10 years, which are hopefully enough to begin your citizenship process.

How Long Are Employment Based Visas Or Green Cards Generally Valid For?

A green card is valid for 10 years. Employment-based visas have some requirements in order to extend your stay in the US. If you get an EB-5, it will most likely be valid for 2 years, after which you can petition for a 10-year card. An H-1B is limited to 6 years, but you can petition to approve an immigrant visa and get 1-2-year extensions until the immigrant visa becomes available to you.

In summary, the length of your residence validity differs by the type of visa that you have.

If Approved, Will I Be Able To Bring My Family Over On The Same Or Their Own Visas?

Most non-immigrant visas allow you to bring your spouse and any of your children under 21 years old with you to the United States while you are living and working there. However, they must apply for their own visas.

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