What Is The L1 Visa? Who Qualifies?

There is more than one type of L visa. There is the L1A and there is the L1B. L1A is for an international manager or executive, and the L1B is for someone with a special kind of knowledge in the procedures of a company that requires them to come into the United States. The L1A allows you to become a permanent resident as an international manager. If you are coming here as an L1B, you are not allowed to become a permanent resident without having a labor certification. Therefore, you cannot self-petition with an L1B, like you can with an L1A. The L1B holders must have their employer apply for a green card.

In order to obtain an L-type visa, you must prove that your employer in the United States is affiliated with a branch or affiliate overseas and that you worked as a manager for at least one year overseas prior to your transfer to the US.

What Are The Privileges That Come With The L1 Visa and what are The Limitations?

The privilege of an L1 visa is that you can stay here for 7 years, during which you have to have someone to manage. In the past, one used to be able to obtain an L1 visa on their own if they were the only employee, but now, the US is requiring you have employees in the US to qualify for an L1.

Another privilege is that you can self-petition for permanent residence as an international manager, and you do not have to wait to do so.

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