What Is The Purpose Of The E Visa?

The E classification allows people to come to the United States to open a business and be an investor or a trader and stay as long as that treaty is in effect. There is approximately 46 countries that have this treaty with the United States right now. The requirements for the E1 and the E2 may differ depending on the treaty the United States has with your country. Therefore, some countries are allowed to get the visa for 5 years, while others can only obtain the visa for two years.

The E1 classification is usually given to international traders, who actually usually trade goods. The E2 classification is for international investors. In order for you to become either an E1 or an E2, you have to have nationality in that country. For example, you have to be Canadian if you want to come to the United States and be a Canadian E1 or E2 investor or trader.

As long as the E2 enterprise is working and is making more money than the investor and his family need to live in the United States, they will be allowed to extend the visa in 2-year increments.

Who Would Qualify For The E2 Or E1 Visa?

The E1 is for international traders and the E2 is for international investors. Therefore, you must have nationality wherever you are trading with.

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Trade Or Investment Needed To Qualify?

There is no minimum amount. I’ve done these types of cases for people who only had a couch and a laptop to work and I’ve done them for people who invested more than a million dollars in a grocery store. Both can get an E visa. The only requirement is not to be marginal enterprise.

What Are Some Alternatives To The E1 And E2 Visas?

All of the Visas we discussed are alternatives for the E1 and E2 visas. There are many options available that can make someone qualify for an E1 or E2 visa, but any employment-based visa or even marriage can be an alternative to an E1 or an E2.

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