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What Kind Of Clients Do You Assist, And Where Are They In The Immigration Process When They Contact You?

I’ve represented people from all over the world except the penguins in Antarctica. My clients don’t fall under one profile. I represent people who are trying to extend a visa, as well as people who are trying to spend a million dollars in the US in order to get a green card. A common thread among all of my clients is the desire to achieve the American dream™. I have even represented people who’ve been in the US since before I was born. In fact, during my first legal job, one of my first clients had a green card that was literally green (they are no longer green); he had received it on Ellis Island in the 1950s. I represent investors overseas and investors in the US who need to apply for a change of status. I represent everyone who needs immigration help.

What Are Some Of The Common Struggles That People Have When It Comes To Finding Immigration Legal Services Here In The US?

Many lawyers are money hungry and will charge a lot but will fail to deliver on their promises. Other lawyers will charge a very small amount, but as a result, they will have to rush their clients through the system in order to not lose money. When it comes to costs, I put myself in the middle. I’m going to tell clients the truth from the beginning, and if I charge a little more than some other attorneys, it’s because I give each and every case the personal attention it deserves.

I will explain to a client why they might not win their case, and tell them what I can do for them. In contrast, a lot of lawyers will sign up clients without telling them the truth, and set expectations that can’t be met. When clients lose under these circumstances, it becomes easy for them to assume that all lawyers are the same.

Unfortunately, the attorneys who just fill out forms often end up creating big problems for their clients, including putting them in removal proceedings. Bar associations around the country know that simply filling out the forms is not equivalent to practicing law, but the USCIS says it is. As a result, people overseas often harbor a lot of distrust. Many of these people will assume that I am going to take their money and do nothing for them, often because that’s exactly what other attorneys before me chose to do.

Distrust in immigration practitioners is very high. A lawyer might have 500 5-star reviews, but if they don’t do what they promise, then those reviews don’t matter. I tell people to not only look at the reviews, but actually call the firm and see how the intake person treats them.

Honestly, immigration law is very consuming and very draining. I have a client right now who’s been in detention for eight months, despite having gotten into the VIA Immigration Advocacy Project, and a stay of removal. If a phone call comes in at 11 o’clock at night, it has to be answered, because that might be the last time to communicate with a client before they go into court.

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