Your Dream is my Dream Book

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An Immigration Attorney’s Journey Toward His American Dream ™

The American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC in Pinellas Park, Florida is the practice of a passionate and consummate attorney, Ahmad Yakzan. Having struggled with living his American dream ™ himself, Mr. Yakzan has dedicated his practice to representing individuals and families in any immigration-related case.

“Your Dream Is My Dream”

Mr. Yakzan authored this book that tells all about his own struggles with immigration. By sharing how he had achieved his own “American Dream ™,” he hopes to inspire and help countless others in attaining big dreams of their own.

His Humble Beginnings

Ahmad Yakzan is a native of Lebanon. He came to the US as a student in 1998. Since then, he has worked hard to become an attorney who specializes in immigration law and a US citizen respectively. That is how he earned an excellent reputation in the legal community and set himself apart from other deportation, asylum, and criminal immigration practitioners.

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