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Ahmad Yakzan is an immigration attorney who has lived the American dream™. He wants to help his clients experience this life as well by providing unrivaled law services through American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC. Our firm stops at nothing to help our clients with their deportation, green card application, asylum application, and other illegal immigration concerns.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Pinellas Park, Florida, The American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC is a reputable family immigration law firm. Our reach is international, but our service is local. We have been in operation since 2015, ensuring consistent, attentive, and accessible legal services that meet the needs of every client.

About Our American Dream™ Shield

We initiated the American Dream™ Shield to assist criminal attorneys in providing better legal representations for immigrants. To do this, we advise these legal professionals on their cases and thoroughly dissect their trial's potential plea.

Our consulting work helps lawyers avoid entering their clients in an uninformed plea because of their unfamiliarity with the immigration consequences. Such actions and failure to explain any adverse effects on a person's immigration status are an attorney's liability, as ruled by the Court after Padilla v. Kentucky, 130 S. Ct. 1473 (2010).

An Immigration Attorney Who Knows What You’re Going Through

As an immigrant himself, Attorney Ahmad Yakzan is dedicated to represent you and help you reach your American Dream™. His passion for representing his clients has earned him an excellent reputation in the legal community, setting him apart from other immigration law practitioners.

His Journey

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan came to the United States as a young man to pursue a dream that seemed elusive at times. He struggled but knew what he was aiming for was worth it because he met people who helped him with his goals. Although the dream seemed distant, he carried on.

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Competitive Prices

Spare no expense in attaining and protecting your American Dream™ with the help of Attorney Ahmad Yakzan. Our small consultation retainer will be credited towards our legal fees when you retain our office. We offer competitive rates for excellent legal services.

Flexible Communication

For your convenience, we offer in-person, phone, or teleconferencing consultations. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan would be glad to accommodate you in one of our offices in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida.

Ultimate Convenience

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan is your reliable immigration attorney from St. Petersburg Tampa, Florida to Washington, D.C. We also have offices that are conveniently located to serve you in Clearwater, Dunedin, New Port Richey, Oldsmar, Land o’ Lakes, Plant City, Lakeland, and Zephyrhills.

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“Your Dream Is My Dream” Book by Ahmad Yakzan

Learn how Attorney Yakzan’s personal immigration story can help you achieve the American dream ™.

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Legal Information You Need to Know

Inadmissibility Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act

Inadmissibility is the inability of an immigrant to be admitted to the United States. These grounds are listed in INA Section 212. Several grounds of inadmissibility, including health, criminal activity, national security, fraud and misrepresentation, prior removals, and unlawful presence in the US.

There are waivers available for some of these grounds, including fraud or misrepresentation. Waivers are also permitted, in some cases, if the individual has a “qualifying relative” who would experience undue hardship if the person is not admitted. Some grounds, like terrorism, do not have such waivers.

Removal of Conditions on Residence (I-751)

The Marriage Fraud Amendments passed by Congress in 1986 established the Conditional Residence classification. The main goal of these amendments is to prevent fraud in marriage-based Adjustment of Status applications.

The amendments mandate that the beneficiary of an Adjustment of Status case needs to apply for removal of conditions on the permanent residence by filing an I-751 application 90 days before the second anniversary of the approval of their initial Adjustment of Status application.