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Whether you refer to the process by the official name, “removal,” or use the traditional term “deportation,” the stressful legal process is one that immigrants face all too often in the U.S. Deportation expels an immigrant from the U.S. and returns them to their country of origin in a way that makes it difficult to return.

Fortunately, the experienced deportation defense team at American Dream™ Law Office lawyer knows how to demonstrate that removal is not appropriate or why the government should grant relief from removal and allow an immigrant to remain in the U.S. If you or a loved one are potentially facing deportation, it is best to consult a deportation defense lawyer quickly because that will give you the most available options to fight removal.


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Reasons for Deportation

Although many people believe that only undocumented immigrants face deportation, the U.S. government frequently initiates removal proceedings against immigrants who have lived in the country legally for many years. The law provides many grounds for deportation, such as:

  • Changes in circumstances so that a visa is no longer supported
  • Violation of the terms of a visa
  • Failing to inform USCIS of a change of address
  • Illegal entry in the U.S.
  • Participation in illegal activity
  • Fraud in immigration, such as a sham marriage
  • Receiving public assistance

To fight removal, a deportation defense lawyer may be able to show that allegations are incorrect. For instance, it may be possible to demonstrate that the person accused of fraud acted in good faith or that the circumstances supporting a visa have not changed in a meaningful way.

Alternatively, a deportation defense lawyer can also argue that while immigration authorities may have grounds for removal, deportation in the particular circumstances violates public policy and relief should be granted. For example, a defense lawyer could show that removal would cause extreme hardship to family members who are citizens, or that the immigrant qualifies for asylum.

The Removal Process

Most of the time, someone who is already living in the U.S. can only be removed through formal proceedings. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may arrest an immigrant they suspect of violating the law, or other law enforcement officials may turn an immigrant over to ICE. An immigrant may be taken into custody or released, but either way, if they receive a Notice to Appear, then removal proceedings are under way and it is essential to take great care with what happens next.

An immigration lawyer can provide advice to ensure that the immigrant facing removal does not say or do something to jeopardize their chances for fighting deportation, while also protecting the immigrant’s rights and building the best case for defense. If an immigrant is detained, prompt intervention by a deportation defense lawyer could enable a quick release on bond. If necessary, a knowledgeable attorney can provide representation at a bond hearing to secure release on bond during proceedings.

The immigrant who has received a Notice to Appear will be required to appear at a brief master calendar hearing where they formally admit or deny the charges, and then the court schedules a full hearing on the merits of the case. Working with a dedicated deportation defense lawyer throughout the process helps ensure that you can take advantage of all available options to fight removal.

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