Dual Citizenship Lawyer

Dual citizenship can be tricky to manage. Each country expects its citizens to show allegiance, so if there is a perception of conflict of interest, it could put you in a difficult position.

If you are trying to gain citizenship in one country without relinquishing your citizenship in another, it can be helpful to work with a dual citizenship lawyer who understands the process and can advise you about actions to take and what to avoid to prevent unintentionally renouncing your citizenship in one country or derailing the naturalization process in the other.

At American Dream™ Law Office, we work with dual citizenship situations on a regular basis. We know how to navigate the challenges and pursue the most effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Make Sure Both Countries Allow Dual Citizenship

While U.S. laws do not encourage dual citizenship, which the U.S. State Department refers to as “dual nationality,” the laws do not prohibit it either. If a U.S. citizen becomes a citizen of another country through the naturalization process, they do not automatically give up their status as a U.S. citizen unless they specifically intend to. Similarly, foreign nationals who naturalize to become U.S. citizens pledge allegiance to the U.S., but the U.S. does not require them to give up foreign citizenship.

The same cannot be said for some other nations, however. So before seeking dual citizenship, it is important to understand what you may be giving up. Acquiring citizenship in a new country may cancel your citizenship or restrict your rights in your original country, particularly the right to vote or hold political office.

Understand the Consequences of Dual Citizenship

Those who want to obtain or have obtained dual citizenship need to be aware of the obligations they owe to each country. For instance, the U.S. government requires citizens to pay income taxes, even on money earned in another country. A dual citizen could end up paying taxes in two countries, unless the countries have a reciprocity agreement to prevent double taxation.

Citizens may also be called upon to serve in the military and on jury duty, so they may end up with additional service obligations.

Of course, there are benefits of dual citizenship as well. Citizens generally have more opportunities to work, study, and sponsor family members for immigration. If you are applying for a job with a security clearance, however, a dual citizenship could prove to be a hindrance.

Applying for Dual Citizenship

To gain dual citizenship, you generally treat the application process as applying for a second citizenship. Once you’ve determined whether you are willing to assume the additional obligations and give up whatever rights you may lose in your first country of citizenship, you then must determine whether you meet the second country’s requirements for citizenship. An experienced dual citizenship lawyer could assess your eligibility and work with you through the application process to ensure that you present appropriate and persuasive evidence to support your submission.

Consult a Knowledgeable Dual Citizenship Lawyer

Mistakes with citizenship can have lifelong consequences. Before taking steps that could put your situation in jeopardy, it is a good idea to review options with an immigration lawyer familiar with dual citizenship issues. To learn more about the assistance the dedicated team at American Dream™ Law Office could provide in your case, contact us now for a confidential consultation. 

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