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Immigration-MetLife Legal Plans

The American Dream™ Law Office has partnered with MetLife insurance to provide immigration services for MetLife Legal Plans policyholders. The American Dream™ Law Office is one provider of many in the Tampa Bay area providing immigration legal services to MetLife insurance policyholders.

In the past year, the American Dream Law Office has welcomed MetLife Legal Plans members. The firm helps MetLife’s legal plans policyholders with their immigration law needs. Through this partnership, we have been able to help numerous members apply for immigration benefits, including lawful permanent residence, naturalization, and removal of conditions on permanent residence.

MetLife legal Plans members enjoy several benefits at the American Dream Law Office. We help plan members with filling out immigration law forms and offer special discounts on services if they decide to hire the firm throughout their immigration process. The American Dream Law Office has helped plan members with interviews before the Service and

Covered Immigration Servies

Through this partnership, the American Dream Team™ provides immigration form preparation services to policyholders.  The American Dream™ Law Office has helped policyholders with the following:

MetLife legal plan members may fill out their forms and ask for Attorney Ahmad Yakzan to review them. The policyholder may also hire the American Dream Law Office for representation throughout the process including attendance of immigration court hearings and interviews before the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. Plan members qualify for special discounts if they choose to retain the firm for full services.

Call us 24/7 at 1(888)963-7326 or visit this link today with your member identification number and case number to schedule a strategy session.