E-2 Investor Visa

With an E-2 visa, business investors are able to work in the United States for the company they have invested in. The visa is sometimes referred to as a “Treaty Investor” visa because it is only available to citizens from countries with which the U.S. has an appropriate treaty.

Although the investor E-2 visa is not a permanent immigrant visa, it can be renewed indefinitely, which allows holders to pursue numerous opportunities in the U.S. Because this type of renewable visa is so desirable, immigration officials scrutinize applications closely. Applicants seeking an E-2 visa generally find it beneficial to work with a dedicated immigration lawyer to avoid common pitfalls that could cause their application to be denied or delayed.

American Dream™ Law Office understands the factors immigration officials are looking for in an E-2 visa application and can help you prepare to obtain your visa without unnecessary delays or errors.


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Ahmad Yakzan is an immigration attorney who has lived the American dream™. He wants to help his clients experience this life as well by providing unrivaled law services through American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC. Our firm stops at nothing to help our clients with their deportation, green card application, asylum application, and other illegal immigration concerns.

An E-2 Visa Requires a Substantial Investment

A treaty investor must place a substantial amount of funds or other assets into a bona fide enterprise in the U.S. with the goal of generating a profit in order to obtain an E-2 visa. The assets invested must be placed at risk in the commercial sense, meaning that they could be lost if the business does not turn a profit. The investor will need to show that the funds invested were not obtained through illegal activity or money laundering.

How much does the government consider “substantial?” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains that to be substantial, the amount invested must be:

  • Significant when compared with the total cost of buying an existing established enterprise or starting one from scratch
  • Enough to show the investor’s financial commitment to the successful business operation of the enterprise
  • Sufficient to demonstrate that the treaty investor will be developing and directing the enterprise (and not just a passive investor)

Generally, the less the total enterprise is worth, the more investors must put into it for their contributions to be considered “substantial.”

Other Characteristics of an E-2 Visa

The investment required for an E-2 visa must not only be substantial but it also must be made into a bona fide enterprise. The business must produce services or goods for a profit, meet applicable legal requirements for business operation, and it must be active.

An applicant seeking an E-2 visa must be a citizen of a “treaty country.” The U.S. State Department maintains a list of countries with whom the U.S. has current applicable treaties in force.

An employee working for a treaty investor may also qualify for an E-2 visa if they are the same nationality and they either have specialized knowledge or skills or work in a supervisory or executive role for the enterprise. Spouses and unmarried minor children of investors and qualifying employees may obtain an E-2 visa as well.

Find Out How an Immigration Attorney Could Help You Obtain Your E-2 Visa

To qualify for an E-2 investor visa, you must demonstrate that you will be entering the U.S. solely to direct and develop the business enterprise you are investing in. You must show that you will hold operational control or that you own at least 50 of the business. Then you must also show that the business itself is bona fide, and that your investment is substantial and at risk.

If you fail to prove that you meet all these qualifications, you could be denied an E-2 visa. However, a knowledgeable immigration lawyer at American Dream™ Law Office could help you prepare your application and supporting documentation in a way that satisfies the legal requirements, and your legal counsel can assist with other aspects of the application process to help you succeed in gaining your visa. To learn more about how we help with visa applications, contact our office today.


"We embarked on this journey with Ahmad last year for our adjustment of status through marriage. I previously had a horrifying experience with another law group and had to switch to a better and more reliable attorney. Ahmad's team has been very responsive and have all the tools to assist for an easy and transparent application. He guided us through the whole process and was transparent with every step and his fees. The whole team filled us with ease and made us feel we were in good, experienced hands. Ahmad came with us for our interview, the officers were familiar with him and our experience was uneventful, we were approved in the spot! Ahmad also was very kind, even providing a personal touch in a small gift for our newborn baby girl, he did not have to whatsoever but it was a very nice touch and we appreciated it!"

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"From the day of my first consultation I could tell attorney Ahmad Mohamad Yakzan had my best interest at hand. I had been searching high and low for an attorney that wasn’t just trying to over charge me and by coincidence I found the best one. He was able to have my order for removal closed within a few months and has handle my process very smoothly. All while being in separate cities, he and his team has managed my process seamlessly. If you ever need to reach him, call the office and his wonderful assistants will either schedule you to speak with him directly, answer any questions you might have themselves or will reach out to the attorney for an answer and they’ll get back to you usually the same day or within 24hrs. They are currently still handling my case and I have no doubt that this time next year I’ll have a different status and I’ll have the American Dream Law Office to thank for."

- Client

"During the desperate wait, extraordinarily long due to the Covid 19 crisis, they were able to clearly explain the procedures and feed my patience throughout the process. Despite the new circumstances, they demonstrated experience and mastery of the activity, with satisfactory final results. I am very grateful for your management !! I highly recommend them!!"

- Client

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"Highly recommended! Ahmad was amazing throughout my application for US citizenship. He was prompt and thorough answering all my questions. He is very professional and has a wealth of experience. I was more than well prepared for my interview, which we just completed successfully! Thank you so much! :)"

- Client

"Thank you Ahmad for making dreams a reality. Your expertise made it possible for my brother and his family to achieve their goals through the E2 process. Now he is thriving in his business and him and his family living the American dream. Your work impacts lives positively. Thank you again and again."

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