What experience do you have?

I tell people I’ve been experiencing immigration law since I was 15 years old and someone gave me that dream of coming to the United States. So, after I graduated from high school, I had to file my own application to get my student visa to come to the United States. I finished four degrees then applied for my own work visa for my H-1B visa. Then I applied for my green card through the help of an attorney, and I applied for my citizenship and one of the happiest days of my life was when I became a United States citizen.

So, in addition to the excellent education that I received in law school and the more than ten years of experience, I have 20 – 40 years of going through the process. So, it’s not only the book experience or the practical experience. I have lived the process myself and that’s what I believe gives me an edge over immigration Journeys and that’s why I absolutely love doing immigration.