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When it comes to legal services on immigration-related matters in Tampa Bay, look no further than Ahmad Yakzan of the American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC. We have successfully handled many different types of immigration law cases over the years. With our proven track record of success, more and more clients have come to trust us.

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Your Exceptional Immigration Attorney in tampa, florida

Attorney Yakzan moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2005 to pursue his legal education at Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport. Ten years later, he established The American Dream ™ Law Office, PLLC in St. Petersburg.

You can now visit his law firm in St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida, where he serves the local immigrant community. His excellent service and strong success record have earned him the admiration of both his clients and his legal colleagues.

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan is your best option for adjustment of status in Tampa, Florida. He has helped numerous clients obtain their green card before the Citizen and Immigration Services of the State Department and the immigration court. Ahmad has also successfully represented immigrants in acquiring their permanent residence using family preference, employment-sponsored categories, and grants of asylum.

For Deportation Defense

Get a reputable Tampa deportation defense attorney like Mr. Yakzan to help with your removal proceedings case. He has represented clients ranging from voluntary departure, cancellation of removal, asylum, and adjustment of status. He can assist you with all of your deportation defense needs.

For Asylum Assistance

Attorney Yakzan has represented clients in asylum petitions before asylum offices around the State of Florida and the United States. He has helped clients in affirmative applications, which are usually filed before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

As an asylum attorney, he has also represented clients in defensive applications before various immigration courts around the US. He has assists asylum clients in filling appeals before the BIA and in front of several federal courts as well.

For Business Visa Processing

Turn to Attorney Yakzan for business visa processing needs in Tampa, Florida. He has represented clients from around the world in their petitions for their L, T, N, O, R, P, and E visas. He has also helped people with their employment-based immigrant visa petitions.

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For Naturalization and Citizenship

Naturalization is the essence of the American Dream™. Attorney Yakzan is a naturalization lawyer who strives to help you realize your goal of becoming a United States citizen. He also represented clients in N-400 petitions as well as in N-336 appeals when their applications were denied.

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