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Make America Dream Again

Attorney Ahmad Yakzan always says to his client, “Your Dream is My Dream”. He came to the United States as a young man to pursue a dream that seemed elusive at times. He struggled but knew the dream is worth it. He met people who helped him with his dream. Although the dream seemed distant, he carried on. He lived on $200 a month his first year of law school. At times, he lost his faith. He was ready to give up.

However, his spirit was lifted. It was lifted by people who loved him. His spirits were lifted by friends who became family. He succeeded even though he was away from his family for almost 18 years. His dream was always alive.  His spirit was never broken.

That spirit gave birth to Make America Dream Again™.

Make America Dream Again™ is at the heart of our practice. It is not a political slogan. It is not a swipe at a politician. It is what we believe and practice every day.

In our opinion, America never stopped dreaming. In our mind, the Dream is always Alive! In recent years, the dream has fainted.

You may be wondering why American needs to dream again. America has strayed away from its dream. We imprison children; we detain innocence; we have divided ourselves into them and us. We have closed our doors to refugees and immigrants whose dream is to be in America.

At the American Dream Law Office, we encourage our clients to dream. We DARE them to Dream. We ask them to dream of that green card. We ask them to dream of that United States citizenship. We encourage them to dream of that investment visa.

We then go to work.

We work on making that dream come true. We answer their calls. We worry about them. We cry and laugh with them. Then we fight. We fight until reality sets in, and they are permanent residents and United States citizens.

We ask you to contact us at (888) 786-4507 to take that first step.


(888) 786-4507

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