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Democrats to President Obama: Do what Republican Presidents Have done Before you on Immigration Reform

The Democratic leadership in Congress sent a letter to President Obama urging him to issue an executive order granting relief to millions of undocumented immigrants. The letter sited the fact that previous presidents, including Republicans, have used their executive powers to grant such relief. Republicans have opposed such move.

As I have said before, these measures, while welcome, do not negate the fact that we need comprehensive immigration reform passed by Congress. This might not happen though, in light of the highly polarized atmosphere we have on capitol hill.

Stay tuned for updates on what is going on. Fox News reported last week that the executive order might be issued this week.

When local governments take matters into their own hands…. Get ready for Fremont round 2.

It seems like local government in the west still want to enforce immigration laws, even though the ink from the Arizona decision is not dry yet. You might have heard about a local city’s plan (Fremont, Nebraska) to enforce immigration laws by blocking their ability to rent housing within the city. A federal judge had allowed the old plan to go forward, until opponents could show that the plan is discriminatory. 
The new plan was passed yesterday by voters. The plan requires renters to get a $5 permit and attest that they are in legally in the United States.  The ACLU plans to file a new lawsuit to challenge the ordinance. The ACLU challenged a similar plan that was passed in 2010.  The Eighth Circuit upheld parts of the ordinance. Read the ACLU’s brief here.
I have long been against local enforcement of immigration laws. The Supreme Court agreed that local enforcement is preempted under federal law. Why do you think local governments keep passing these laws? I welsome your comments.
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Immigration Reform and the Battle between the Parties

Immigration reform has become a hot topic after President Obama delivered his State of the Union address. The Republicans proposed their own plan for immigration reform yesterday. The highlight of their plan is to block undocumented immigrants from getting a special path to citizenship. The plan also calls for undocumented to pay back taxes, pass rigorous background checks lean English and American civics.  The President is now on board for a plan, even if it does not have a special path to citizenship. The Republican plan also calls for securing the boarder before any reform takes place. 
I honestly do not think that these plans will work. The Republican plan ends with the hope that this plan will end illegal immigration. This plan seemed like a Republican attempt to silence their critics. There are several problems with both plans, like the failure to address the need for highly skilled workers. I will be writing several blog entries in the next couple of weeks addressing these shortcomings. Please comment or email me at of you have any questions.